Gordon Johnson

Personal Statement

As an enthusiastic, committed and ambitious individual, I approach all challenges with a positive and self-motivated attitude, determined to deliver to a high standard. As a recent BSc Computer Science graduate, I made the decision to continue as an MSc Game Development student, to enhance my coding skills and stretch my creative ability. With an extensive employment history, gaining experiences in various departments and positions, I am highly adaptable to changing situations and work well under pressure, both behind the scenes and in the presence of the public.


  • Game Development - Unity, Unreal, OpenGL and SDL
  • Programing Languages – C#, C++ and Java
  • Web Development – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, ASP.NET and PHP
  • Databases – MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle and MongoDB
  • Management – Ability to lead diverse teams, performance management, event management, customer service focus, managing budgets, maximizing controllable profits, health and safety, risk management, auditing, building communities, marketing and promotions.


MSc Game Development (Programming)

Result: Distinction

Kingston University: September 2017 September 2018

This project will be to create a Virtual University game, incorporating features from the Role-Playing Game genre, based on previous research conducted by (Argyriou et al., 2010). This will be a Massive Multiplayer Online game, allowing many students and academics to simultaneously be immersed within the world. The initial purpose of this Virtual University will be to provide online Lectures, Workshops, Tests and Report Submissions, within a fun and exciting environment. The artefact will be developed at a high-level, utilising existing libraries and assets where possible.

Development of a game, focusing mainly on the available features and interaction mechanisms of various platforms, such as PC, Mobile and PS4. (Full Details: Buggy Boom).

Advanced Artificial Intelligence used in the development of a game. A Neural Network hybrid with a Genetic Algorithm, is used to train many AI Agents. These agents, depending on performance, can then be used to populate the decision-making process of the AI. (Full Details: Advanced AI).

Develop a software that predicts a future event, based on information received using a Back Propagated Neural Network. For this I created a letter prediction app, where a hand-written letter is drawn to the screen, the app then accurately predicts what the letter is. (Full Details: Letter Prediction).

Create a Cellular Automata software, based upon the Prey Predator model. This included four variations of the implementation to demonstrate serialised, multi-threaded (using OpenMP), multi-processor (using MPI) and a hybrid to determine best performance.

Project proposed by the Kingston School of Nursing - to create an environment which can be used to improve nursing students’ situational awareness. The team consisted of a Researcher, UX Designer, Game Designer, 3x Animators and myself as the Game Developer. The final artefact was an interactive Virtual Reality Experience, in which the user would have 5 minutes to achieve as many tasks as possible. (Full Details: Nurse VR).

Focused on the underlining components of Game Engine Architecture, primarily the rendering engine and how objects can be manipulated in world space. To achieve this, I created a framework that interacts with the OpenGL specification and utilising components, such as GLFW and GLEW. The low-level implementation was done in C++ while also integrating LUA a high-level scripting to access the low-level classes.

BSc Computer Science

Result: FIRST

Kingston University: September 2016 July 2017

Designing and develop a competition management system, that will allow users to create a tournament bracket. Participants will be able to select and view desired events and historical achievements, via a profile portal.

Provide the bridging gap for direct final year entry students. Modules include Projects and their Management, Mat-Lab, Object Oriented Methodologies and UML Design. Followed by a Programming module, where I will work as part of an assigned team, to use the scrum method to make and demonstrate a project deliverable.

Designing a database based upon a larger scenario, then implementing it using an Oracle SQL database. A Web Application was developed to interact and complement the database and meet the specified requirements.

Provide usability testing, to identify potential issues on an existing website. Evaluation of the test data, to design a prototype with an improved user experience, for the web application.

HND Computing & Systems Development


Kingston College: September 2014 July 2016

A web application that provided a solution to the West Wimbledon Bowls Clubs problems, this custom-built application can be found here: https://wwbowls.club/

Building, configuring and maintaining computer systems.

Provided a good understanding of the various Software Development Life Cycles, from the traditional ‘Waterfall’ to more modern methodologies such as Scrum. This module, also provided the importance of a feasibility study, through the construction of a fictional Systems.

Techniques for evaluating sound HCI, these included Shneiderman's Eight Golden Rules, Nielsen’s Ten Principles for User Interface Design. This topic required building an interactive website while implementing usability concepts and evaluation.

Introduced to the database design, through the Normalization process, leading to creating an Entity Relationship Diagram. That database design was then successfully implemented into a Microsoft Access Database.

This module, highlighted the need for quality assurance in IT systems and the creation of quality control documentation.

This module, took the database design concepts further and provided a sound understanding of MySQL databases.

Provided a greater understanding of the MySQL database integration into a web application.

Concept of object programming, utilizing Visual Paradigm to perform a textual analysis, design Use Case diagrams and developing a class diagram based upon a specific scenario. This was then implemented as a solution, using the Java programming language.

This was a team module, so provided an opportunity to gain a good practical knowledge of using GitHub repository. We designed and developed a Bowls Simulator game, which could be played as 1 or 2 players.

Design and implement a Windows Application. I generated a tournament bracket for the user, based on the user information. There was an emphasis on utilizing complex dynamic data structures.

I designed, implemented and managed a LAN infrastructure to a specified requirement.

I designed, implemented and managed a network security solution, based upon an existing LAN infrastructure.

Employment History

UbiTech Ltd

Software Engineer : May 2018 Present

Software development of the Gable Project, building a prototype client / server system. The client provides an end user interface developed in C++ and QT, the Windows web server is developed in PHP and provides support to client software and the web application, the chat room application is developed in NodeJS and utilizing Socket.IO. The results of this project and components can be found here: https://gable.app.

Kingston University

Teaching Assistant : September 2017 Present

Providing learning support to BSc and MSc students in their workshops, within the Advanced Database, Business Analysis, Web Application Development, Game Development, Packet Tracer (Network Simulations) and Python modules.


Gamerbase Regional Supervisor: April 2010 April 2013

Successfully responsible for the operations, profitability and staff of the five Gamerbase supercenters, including 80 remote units across the UK. Liaising with all centres to ensure unity and cohesion between them. Marketing the Gamerbase product, through digital and regular media channels. Obtaining and negotiating sponsorship deals and organising and executing advertising campaigns. Management, maintenance and support (hardware and software) of 5 servers which covered over 200 high gaming spec PC computers and various consoles (XBOX, PS3 and Wii U). Responsible for marketing new game releases in their respective stores, utilising their AV systems on dedicated gaming pods. We hosted many high-profile events and press releases, for various companies and communities, where any technical issues were required to be remedied immediately and in the presence of the public. Management of the Gamerbase website, including all accounts attached to Social Network sites. Organization of all aspects of our competitive eSports event’s.


  • Gamerbase achieved 14.3% up, year on year revenue, for 14 weeks before the year ending 2013. Gamerbase London, achieved 15.3% for the same period.
  • Gamerbase London, achieved 15% up year on year revenue, for financial year ending 2012.


Loss Prevention Manager: March 2001 April 2010

Starting as a loss prevention officer, I worked my way up to being responsible for the airport stores. Then to having overall responsibility for the loss prevention and security function, within HMV’s flagship store on Oxford Street. Including PA Events and Crowd Control Management. Protection of property and assets of £3m stockholding and profit protection, within shrinkage target. Multi-site management. Management of large physical security teams. Investigating various sources of loss. Organising and managing stock counts, from preparation to final investigation reports. Auditing compliance within my own stores, to ensure procedures & policies were to a high standard.


  • HMV flag ship store shrinkage provision, achieved 0.42% loss against sales, with a target of 0.75%.
  • HMV Trocadero store, reduced shrinkage against previous year by 50% and achieved provision, obtaining the best result in over 10 years.
  • All HMV Airport stores, achieved reduced shrinkage of over 50% against previous year. Gatwick achieved a 90% improvement.

Sabrewatch Security Services

Security Guard: February 1999 March 2001

Sub-contracted, to a variety of different businesses across the UK, as a high profile visual deterrent, to enable minimal shop floor shrinkage. Trained in techniques of conflict management, firefighting and in the event of suspicious and explosive devices. Effective use of control and restraint techniques. Arrest policy and detention procedures.